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Product Comparison results for these devices are listed below. Here are the reasons to choose Canon EOS 70D and other reasons to choose Canon EOS 6D. You can examine common pros and cons of two products. Do not forget to vote for your winner.

Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS 70D versus Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 6D
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Reasons to choose Canon EOS 70DTOP.:.

Pro DSLR , Year : 2013 See all tech specs for Canon EOS 70D
Canon EOS 70D vs Canon EOS 6D
  • Camera Flash Camera Flash Yes vs No You can record video or shoot images in dark places with the camera flash on EOS 70D
  • Cross Type Focus Points Much More Cross-Type focus points 19 vs 1 This digital camera has more cross-type focus points therefore which is more sensitive and reliable for focusing your subject.
  • Focus Points Much more focus points 19 vs 11 Canon EOS 70D has 8 more focus points
  • Continous Shooting Rate Much faster continuous shots 7 fps vs 4.5 fps It is 56% easier to catch the right moment in sports, or while shooting a rapidly moving object.
  • Flip-out Screen Flip out screen Yes vs No Flip out screen helps you to shoot pictures from interesting angles
  • Max Shutter Speed Much faster max shutter speed 1/8000 seconds vs 1/4000 seconds Max shutter speed refers to the minumum duration that the camera lets the light pass through the aperture and finally reaching the sensor. The faster it is, you are able to capture a fast moving object less blurry. Canon EOS 70D is faster than its competitor.
  • ViewFinder Coverage Wider viewfinder coverage %98 vs %97 The viewfinder placed in Canon EOS 70D has a wider coverage area. This refers to the percentage of the area you'll see through the viewfinder to the actual image reflected to the sensor.
  • Touch Screen Touch screen Yes vs No More pleasant user experience with touch
  • Weight A little bit lighter 755 g vs 770 g Almost the same

Reasons to choose Canon EOS 6DTOP.:.

Pro DSLR , Year : 2012 See all tech specs for Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 70D
  • Camera Pixels Higher resolution cam 22.1 MP vs 20 MP Shoot 10% detailed photos for bigger and high quality print-outs
  • GPS Tagging GPS tagging Yes vs No This device has GPS tagging feature. You can tag your geo-location on the photos which you shoot, so that you can see a visual display of your photos in world map apps.
  • Battery Life More durable battery 980 shots vs 920 shots Starting wth a fully charged battery, you can take more shots (about 7% more) with this cam.
  • Crop Factor Better crop factor 1x vs 1.6x This is a full frame camera (35mm). Sensor is bigger so that cam will not crop the image injected through the lens. (Especially, it is very important in wide angle lenses)
  • ISO Higher Max ISO 51,200 ISO vs 12,800 ISO Canon EOS 6D can take less blurry pictures in darker environments. (Grain may increase)
  • Native Resolution Higher native resolution 5760 x 3840 vs 5472 x 3648 Native resolution is the width and height of images that is captured by the sensor measured in pixels before any processing. Canon EOS 6D has 11% higher resolution.
  • Pixel Size Greater pixel size 39.1 µm² vs 16.9 µm² Pixel size (measured in µm2) is the area of a singular pixel in the sensor. Bigger pixel leads to better pictures in higher ISO rates. Canon EOS 6D has 2.31 times bigger pixels.
  • Sensor Size Larger sensor 36x24 mm Full Frame vs 22.5x15.0 mm APS-C Bigger sensor means more light capture area and leads to better photography. It is one the most important aspects of a camera. Canon EOS 6D has 2.56 times larger sensor area.
  • True Resolution Higher true resolution 22.1 MP vs 20 MP True resolution is effected by the physical restrictions of sensor size, and it may differ from the megapixels announced by manufacturers. Canon EOS 6D has 10% higher resolution.
  • ViewFinder Size Viewfinder size factor 0,71x vs 0,59x The images you see through the viewfinder seem smaller than the ones you see with a naked eye. The closer it is to the actual view, it is easier for you to take the right picture.

Pros & ConsTOP.:.

Common Pros

Common Cons

  • Camera Pixels High resolution EOS 70D : 20 MP EOS 6D : 22.1 MP
  • HDR HDR Photos You can take impressive photos by combination of darker and lighter areas in one photo with HDR feature
  • RAW Support RAW format RAW is a raw format, often used by professional photographers, that keeps more information about the photo as explosure, light, color details which needs to be processed on computer.
  • External Flash You can mount external flash With an external flash mounted to the camera, you can have more natural and flexible lighting
  • Weather Sealed Durable to harsh weather conditions You can shoot in harsh weather conditions without a worry
  • External Mic Jack You can plug-in an external mic You can record higher quality audio with an external mic.
  • Movie Formats Full HD video capturing 1080p @ 30fps
  • 24P Support 24P for whom addicted to movies 24p refers to 24 frames per second. This is highly sought after by video enthusiasts as it helps get that film-look since films are traditionally shot at 24 frames per second.
  • Battery Life Long battery life EOS 70D : 920 shots EOS 6D : 980 shots
  • Sensor Cleaning Sensor cleaning Yes
  • Native Resolution Perfect sensor native resolution EOS 70D : 5472 x 3648 EOS 6D : 5760 x 3840
  • Sensor Size Sensor size EOS 70D : 22.5x15.0 mm APS-C EOS 6D : 36x24 mm Full Frame
  • True Resolution Perfect true resolution EOS 70D : 20 MP EOS 6D : 22.1 MP
  • Sensor Type CMOS Sensor These cams have CMOS sensors which produces better quality images. (Most main stream cams have CCD sensors)
  • Min Shutter Speed Long time posing 30 seconds
  • Storage Formats Saving in various formats SD, SDXC, SDHC
  • ViewFinder Type Pentaprism viewfinder Pentaprism viewfinders provide better light to your eyes, have higher resolution and mostly made out of higher quality materials. Professional level cams generally includes pentaprism viewfinders. Both models have pentaprism viewfinders.
  • Screen Size Wide screen 3"
  • We couldn't determine any common cons

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Which product would you prefer? TOP .:.

Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS 70D 54 % 256 people have voted up for this
Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 6D 46 % 217 people have voted up for this
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