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Product Comparison results for these devices are listed below. Here are the reasons to choose LG S367 and other reasons to choose Motorola W233 Renew. You can examine common pros and cons of two products. Do not forget to vote for your winner.

LG S367 LG S367 versus Motorola W233 Renew Motorola W233 Renew
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Reasons to choose LG S367TOP.:.

2G , OS : Yok, Year : 2011 See all tech specs for LG S367
LG S367 vs Motorola W233 Renew
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Version v2.1 vs No Ability to transfer data from and to peripheral devices wirelessly
  • Camera Camera Yes vs No You can shoot pictures, videos with S367
  • Card Slot Capacity More storage upgrade capacity Up to 16 GB vs Up to 2 GB More storage upgrade capacity (8 times more)
  • Data Transfer Speed Higher data transfer speed EDGE (177-296 Kbps) vs GPRS (56-114 Kbps) Higher theoretical data transfer speed over cell networks (about 3 times faster)
  • Dimensions Smaller 116 x 50.5 x 11.5 mm vs 111 x 45 x 14.7 mm Almost the same
  • Radio Radio Yes vs No You can listen radio with S367. Unfortunately other phone does not have one.
  • Screen Resolution Better screen resolution 240x320 vs 128x128 4.69 times higher resolution
  • Screen Size Bigger screen 2.4" vs 1.6" Approximately 2 times bigger screen
  • Screen Type Better screen TFT LCD vs CSTN More color and brightness
  • Thinness Slimmer 11.5 mm vs 14.7 mm 22% thinner design
  • Pixel Per Inch (PPI) Higher pixel density 167 PPI vs 113 PPI 48% sharper text, image and video

Reasons to choose Motorola W233 RenewTOP.:.

2G , OS : Yok, Year : 2009 See all tech specs for Motorola W233 Renew
Motorola W233 Renew vs LG S367
  • We couldn't find any meaningful reason to choose Motorola W233 Renew

Pros & ConsTOP.:.

Common Pros

Common Cons

  • Card Slot Capacity Expandable capacity S367 : Up to 16 GB W233 Renew : Up to 2 GB
  • Numeric Keypad Numeric keypad Fast and easier way to dial
  • Adobe Flash Support No flash support Can't run flash applications
  • Generation No 3G Both devices don't have 3G
  • Apps on the market No application market There is no common market available to dowload or buy applications
  • Multi-Tasking No multi-tasking support in both devices Only one application can run at a time

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Which product would you prefer? TOP .:.

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